Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tools for Teachers: Paper Slide Show

This is not a web 2.0 tool, however, I think it is an excellent option for student projects. Essentially, students work in groups to create a slide show using sheets of computer paper. This is recorded on a Flip Camera or smartphone. As a teacher, you only have to supply the topic, markers, and paper. The students do the rest! The beauty of this project(in my opinion), is that you do not need constant access to a computer lab. For those of us who are in schools where the labs are in high demand, this is a wonderful thing! My students are very engaged, and it's been a good way to reinforce those collaborative skills we work on throughout the year.

One of my classes is currently in the process of creating paper slide shows on Feudalism in Medieval Europe. Each group was assigned a different level of the pyramid. You could use this format of presentation in almost any subject. For example, in math, you could have students explain a particular type of problem and how to solve it as part of the end-of-course review. In science, you could have them create paper slide shows about biomes.

Below, I've posted a sample slide show I created for a course earlier this year, and also a video from Youtube that explains how to make a paper slide show.

How to Make a Paper Slide Show:

 Sample Social Studies Slide Show:

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