Saturday, June 15, 2013

LEC 1.2 Reflection: Personal Learning Goal

Considering the online learning self-assessment you took this week, and thinking about your reasons for taking this course, what is your highest priority learning goal for this course? What are some specific skills, strategies or tools you are hoping to learn more about?

My highest priority learning goal for this class is to learn and expand my repertoire of effective strategies and online tools that my teachers will be able to easily use next year as they move towards a blended learning classroom. More specifically, I would like to learn more and investigate how a blended learning classroom could be successful in a high poverty school where many students do not have internet access outside of school.  How can we cross this “digital divide” to help our students reach their learning goals? In my opinion, blended and/or online learning is even more important in high poverty schools, as many poor students are not afforded the out of school learning opportunities that their well-to-do counterparts have. 

My goal this summer is to learn tools and strategies that will give my teachers the best chance for success with the blended learning model. I know that if I cannot find workarounds/strategies for students without internet access at home, it will be hard to convince any of my teachers to try it. I have some this past year who researched “flipping” their classroom, but were unable to make plans that would accommodate all students. I also look forward to learning new tools and strategies that I can implement in the technology professional development I teach at my school. This coming year, we are planning to do more targeted/personalized professional development by meeting with grade level departments, rather than full faculty meeting professional development. My principal, literacy coach, media specialist and myself will meet and plan our initial PD - from there we will use their feedback to further personalize their professional development. 

According to the TOoLS self-assessment, I am an excellent fit for online learning classes. This makes sense to me, because I have always been a self-motivated learner, and have a strong background in technology which makes online learning easier for me. The only negative tendency that I noted in my self assessment(which is one I often struggle with), is my occasional tendency to procrastinate. I hope and plan that my procrastination will not show up this summer, as I am involved in this and one other online course this summer, in addition to attending several days of training and a national conference this summer. Thankfully, my procrastination is usually balanced my tendency to make lists and plan out my week’s work. 

I look forward to learning more about online and blended learning throughout the eight weeks of this course! 

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