Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tools for Teachers - Screenr

Each week, I'm going to highlight a different Web 2.0 tool, and give some ideas on how to use it in the classroom. I will only discuss tools that I have tried in my classroom and have found to be useful.

Tech Tool - Screenr - A Screencasting Tool

*Update 3/21/13 - Screenr is still one of the easiest to use, but I have switched to using Screen-cast-o-matic, as it allows longer screencasts(up to 15 minutes with the free version, and unlimited with the pro version! Here's a sample of one those screencasts:

If you don’t know about Screenr, it’s super easy to use! Go to, click the red record button(make sure you allow Java to run the record program), and then change the size of the box to the size you want to record on your screen. When you’re ready, click on the red button to record! (Note: This works best with a laptop or other computing device w/ built in microphone.) The longest Screenr you can record is 5 minutes. You can even upload them to Youtube! I posted mine on my Youtube channel.  After you stop your Screenr, it will convert your screen shot into a screencast that you can share via email, blog, Facebook, Twitter, etcetera.
If you try it let me know what you think and how you were able to  use it in the classroom.
Happy computing!

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